Entering the world stage of hunting as a family company based in Texas, we at “Crazy About Outdoors” know that the magnitude of our task had been colossal – that it requires tremendous work, unyielding dedication and precious expertise that we always convey into our products such as the “Ez Gut” hunting knife which can represent our values as a company on the whole: focus on continuous innovation, ingenious practicality of application and superiority of production. Embracing both the precious knowledge behind traditional practices and the acumen for precision of the contemporary trends, within our company these two seemingly polar elements receive a singular form, which unifies both the tried & true of the old ways with the technological advances of the present hunting industry.​

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The guiding vision of our company has been created by two interconnected principles: relentless focus on innovation and attention to the quality of our merchandise. Dedicated to providing extensive hunting equipment and apparel to the ever-growing market, unmatched in both terms of quality and exclusiveness, our vision drives us to strive for further progress, growth and improvement of the hunting industry which is beloved by countless enthusiasts across the world.


Behind the intricate planning, unique design and cutting-edge production of each and every item that you can see in our store, the inspiring vision of the “Crazy About Outdoors” can be profoundly felt, expressing our affection for both the outdoor life and hunting activities that continue to amaze a vast number of hunting enthusiasts all over the globe.

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