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Cover Scent & Gel Pack

Cover Scent & Gel Pack



4 oz Spray / 2 oz Gel

100% Natural Odors. No chemical additives.

Made in the USA


This makes scents! Choose your scent barrier. Dirt for the ground and tree scent for your blind or stand is a popular choice.


Disappear into the woods and create a scent barrier with CAO’s line of 100% natural odor Cover Scent Sprays and Gels. Comes in 3 outdoor scents - dirt, oak, cedar - compatible to the terrain where you’re hidin’ and huntin’! Use the spray on your boots, clothes and the area around you. The no mess gel is a long lasting, intense scent that evaporates in 24 - 48 hours and can be used in your stand, on tree limbs and the foliage around your blind. All scents are made in small, fresh batches throughout the season.


Beat the nose that knows this season and get lost with Crazy About Outdoors cover scents!

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