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Handbuilt Turkey Call Boxes Are a Hunter’s Handy Companion

One of the most handy pieces of equipment a turkey hunter stows in his field bag is the call box to attract the male, or tom, to come into bow or gun range. They know the quality and ease of use of the call box in mimicking the sounds of the female hen are absolutely critical to the success of that day’s hunt. That’s why our family-owned company, Crazy About the Outdoors, features a line of products that are handbuilt by craftsmen in Fredericksburg, Texas, from all natural, solid wood and slate. Experienced and beginning hunters alike appreciate our commitment to innovation and quality, and our results speak for themselves.

Sure, you could try going the no-call, or hunter-calling routes, but most experienced turkey hunters have long recognized that having the right device to call in a gobbler is a must-have item to bring along nowadays. Of course, there are a lot of products to choose from, and hunters in the know are on the lookout for call boxes that are light, easy to use, and produce realistic sounds. Affordable price is another key consideration.

Whether you're in position for a long-range high-pitched call, or a softer tone, these handcrafted call boxes built of oak and maple and distributed by Crazy About the Outdoors are simple, effective, and store easily in your field bag. Our products combine traditional practices with cutting-edge advances, making them popular companions in the field for hunters across the country. Contact our online store today for details!

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