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Why Use Cover Scent When You Hunt?

If you want a successful hunting session, you may not only need to camouflage yourself with the right attire, but you may also need to cover your smell with the right cover scent.

Is it necessary? You may have the best hunting tools but still, after several tries in your favorite hunting spot, you are not being successful. That is because the deer have a great smell over humans which is sharper. They can distinguish unfamiliar scents like clothes, and skin from a long distance. Once they smell something unusual, they stay away from the area and register that scent as dangerous. This is where the cover scents from Crazy About Outdoors come in. It effectively covers the human smell and lets your hunt go smoothly.

The Crazy About Outdoors cover scent is used to distract an animal scent that will leave your human smell undetected. This allows you to have a better chance to hunt. We encourage hunters to improve tactics for their hunting session and you’d be surprised at how much improvement you become with these changes.

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